Giving The Rabbanit Her Credit

Original title page of the `Arukh HaShulkhan crediting the daughter of Rav Epshtein as the editor and compiler

A little-known fact about the emergence of the Arokh HaShulhan is that it was largely published after the author’s death by none other than his own daughter. In fact, the original title page properly credited her as the editor and compiler of her father’s halakhic work.

The colophon on the attached image reads:





הובא לבית הדפוס בהוצאת הרבנית המפרסמת מרת

בריינע וואלברינסקא

 בת ויורשת הגאון המחבר כל ספרי ערוך השולחן הנ”ל


Brought to print by the efforts of the well-known Rabanit, Marat

Breina Wolbrinska

Daughter and heir to HaGaon, the author of all the books of the Arokh HaShulhan mentioned above.

I think, like many others, that this integral effort on the part of HaRav Epshtein’s [obviously] bright and educated daughter should be known. The fact that it has been removed in subsequent printings (the attached image is from the fifth printing) is sad indeed. The Torah world has many such women to thank for their efforts. The valuable and potentially sagacious place of Jewish women has been all but forgotten in our times.

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