Upcoming Translation – Ben Ish Hai’s Teshuvah on Using Bicycles on Shabbath and Yom Tov

Indian Cyclist


If you enjoyed the translation of Rav Messas’ teshuvah on women and haircovering, then you will also like what the Ben Iysh Haiy had to say regarding the use of bicycles on Shabbath and Yomiym Toviym.

A certain hakham in Mumbai, India once wrote to Rav Yosef ben Hayyim of Baghdad about whether or not it was permissible to ride a bike on either Shabbath or Yom Tov. After examining the issue thoroughly in light of reality and the Talmudic sources, he came to the conclusion that it was indeed permissible to make use of a bicycle, providing certain conditions.

Like so many important teshuvoth, the opinion of the Ben Iysh Haiy is often referenced, but has rarely been accessed. Never before has this letter been translated into English for the non-Hebrew-speaking reader, but soon it will be available – in its entirety – on Forthodoxy.org in a downloadable PDF format.

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