LIVE Broadcast! – TRA Sunday Edition: “Where’s The Meat?”


TRA Sunday Edition: “Where’s The Meat?” –

A Discussion of Shehitah, Kashrut, and Halakhah

Join us for the LIVE BROADCAST!


Join us this Sunday afternoon at 2 PM (CST) for a TRA Sunday EditionLIVE Broadcast– where we will begin a discussion on some of the issues related to kosher meat. The discussion will take us into such issues as halakhic requirements for shehitah (kosher slaughter), religious politics, the kashrut industry, and what I refer to as “popular kashrus culture” that has become dominant within the orthodox world, especially in the Haredi and Hasidic camps.

Broadcast outline:

  • Intro
  • Before we get started – Yaron Reuven: A Yosef Mizrachi Clone / Some thoughts on the pitfalls of “kiruv culture”: Ethnocentricity, Holocaust-identity Judaism, Lo-lishmah observance, the rational-magical “bait-and-switch”
  • $10/lb. for Kosher Ground Beef – How did we get here?
  • Kosher meat in the Torah: Terefah & Nevelah
  • Shehitah – the basics
  • Who can “shecht”? – The opening to Mishnah Hullin
  • What can be used to “shecht”?
  • Outro

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