TRA: Sunday Edition – Meet My Wife!



This Sunday, February 26th, The Road Ahead will be hosting a special guest in the studio to discuss some subjects related to the Jewish life of women: Ahuvah Ilan!

Ahuvah is the wife of YB Ilan and will be joining a discussion about modesty, haircovering in the modern era, and some perspectives on joining the Jewish community, from the perspective of a woman.

It’s sure to be one of TRA’s most interesting podcasts yet!

Show Outline:

  • Intro and some news items
  • Introducing my wife, Ahuvah Ilan!
  • Tzniut – Modesty: Codified Standard or Cultural Context?
  • Kisui Rosh Le-Nashim – Haircovering For Women: What is its purpose?
    • Feminine Self-Awareness
    • Sheitels and Scarves
    • Is it really about modesty?
  • Conversion and Joining the Jewish Community: One Woman’s Perspective
  • TRA Mailbag
  • Outro

Join us for a unique and exciting discussion about these pressing issues within orthodox Judaism today!

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