Coming Soon: “Is Halitah Required? – A Mekori Perspective”


Halitah - Raw Meat

Perhaps one of the first practices that people encounter when they are initially exposed to Mekori ideas is a practice known as halitah (חליטה). Halitah, or “blanching,” involves submersing raw meat in boiling water prior to cooking it.

This mysterious practice, required only by the Rambam, is virtually unknown in most of the orthodox Jewish world and was not historically practiced outside of various communities in Yemen – yet for many mekori’im it is considered an indispensable part of kashering meat, without which such meat may not be consumed.

But what are the sources behind this practice? And why is it not practiced by any within the religious Jewish world outside a few small mekori groups? And what is the source for the Rambam’s express prescription of it?

All of these questions are more will be discussed in an upcoming article entitled “Is Halitah Required? – A Mekori Perspective.”