Passover Podcast Series!


Week #1: Hametz – Not Jewish Voodoo

  • Take back your holiday! – Restoring Zeman Simhatenu
  • Hametz – What is it? 
  • Hametz – Not Jewish Voodoo
  • Matzah – What is it?
  • Kitniyot: Please Pass the Rice!
  • Bitul on Pesah
  • TRA Mailbag – Answering your questions!

Week #2: Kashrut in the Pesah Kitchen

  • Kashrut in the Pesah Kitchen – Dishes, Pots, Pans, Appliances, and More!
  • Shopping for Pesah – To the Grocery Store!
  • Ingredients
  • Cleaning and Kashering for Pesah
  • TRA Mailbag – Answering your questions!

Week #3: Olives and Quarter-Logs

  • Olives and Quarter-Logs – The true measure of a kezayit and a revi’it
  • “Shemurah” Matzah and the Rambam
  • Four Cups: Grape Juice or Wine?
  • Chew On This: The Seder IS the Meal
  • The Haggadah
  • TRA Mailbag – Answering your questions!

Be sure to join us as we travel together down the road to an easier, more joyful Pesah!

Kol tuv,


TRA: Sunday Edition – Meet My Wife!



This Sunday, February 26th, The Road Ahead will be hosting a special guest in the studio to discuss some subjects related to the Jewish life of women: Ahuvah Ilan!

Ahuvah is the wife of YB Ilan and will be joining a discussion about modesty, haircovering in the modern era, and some perspectives on joining the Jewish community, from the perspective of a woman.

It’s sure to be one of TRA’s most interesting podcasts yet!

Show Outline:

  • Intro and some news items
  • Introducing my wife, Ahuvah Ilan!
  • Tzniut – Modesty: Codified Standard or Cultural Context?
  • Kisui Rosh Le-Nashim – Haircovering For Women: What is its purpose?
    • Feminine Self-Awareness
    • Sheitels and Scarves
    • Is it really about modesty?
  • Conversion and Joining the Jewish Community: One Woman’s Perspective
  • TRA Mailbag
  • Outro

Join us for a unique and exciting discussion about these pressing issues within orthodox Judaism today!

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LIVE Broadcast! – TRA Sunday Edition: “Where’s The Meat?”


TRA Sunday Edition: “Where’s The Meat?” –

A Discussion of Shehitah, Kashrut, and Halakhah

Join us for the LIVE BROADCAST!


Join us this Sunday afternoon at 2 PM (CST) for a TRA Sunday EditionLIVE Broadcast– where we will begin a discussion on some of the issues related to kosher meat. The discussion will take us into such issues as halakhic requirements for shehitah (kosher slaughter), religious politics, the kashrut industry, and what I refer to as “popular kashrus culture” that has become dominant within the orthodox world, especially in the Haredi and Hasidic camps.

Broadcast outline:

  • Intro
  • Before we get started – Yaron Reuven: A Yosef Mizrachi Clone / Some thoughts on the pitfalls of “kiruv culture”: Ethnocentricity, Holocaust-identity Judaism, Lo-lishmah observance, the rational-magical “bait-and-switch”
  • $10/lb. for Kosher Ground Beef – How did we get here?
  • Kosher meat in the Torah: Terefah & Nevelah
  • Shehitah – the basics
  • Who can “shecht”? – The opening to Mishnah Hullin
  • What can be used to “shecht”?
  • Outro

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